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My services! remote maintenance with TeamViewer selling new and Occasions PCS selling PC Accessories Printer etc. PC-Ready set remove viruses and trojans from your PC

Use this link to find useful data about microsoft certification classes

(In Trojans usually requiring a reinstallation)
 backup Apparel companies and private
installation of all components at your home
repairs of PCs
Upgrading PCs new graphics card, etc.
Setting up Internet
Small networks set up to create homepages create business cards for small businesses-hotels-restaurants 7days 24 hours emergency service DIY PCs are by me with quality components assembled, the precisely your requirements equivalent. Every new PC has been tested by me and set up ready for use. The advantage of this system is, I know every single component of your PC and it is under warranty or of any repair your PC in no time ready.

New computer, notebook, printer, etc.

Nothing is Impossible I can for all order! The delivery time is about 1-7 days depending on the item or stock at the supplier.

Desktop PCs from approximately CHF 800 to? All depends on what you want! (Without operating system)

you have limited space or want to be mobile then buy the best notebook prices range from between approximately CHF 500 to? . depending on the requirements you

need a complete system, with a tower system, laptop or printer, etc. give me a call I'll make you an offer

My area of work:
Computer and Service: Graubünden and St. Gallen
homepages: All Switzerland My Slogan: I am for my clients even after the sale still there!

In Computerpoblemen click here first , then call me and we discuss the whole thing in peace!

PCtipp the guide page with PC problems!